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JUDAS (Piano Tutorial & Karaoke Track)

Image of JUDAS (Piano Tutorial & Karaoke Track)

CLICK HERE  for sheet music to this or any of my other songs...

For FREE STREAMS of all my songs, just use the Spotify player below... and thanks for listening!!!

If you love playing the piano but can't or don't like to read sheet music... OR... if you want to sing your own versions of my songs (with backing piano tracks)... this download is for you!


1. Piano tutorial track
2. Karaoke track
3. Synthesia software
4. Instructions on how to use the
    software + tutorial/karaoke tracks

Using the software, you can watch the piano arrangement play on your computer EXACTLY as I perform it (speeding up or slowing down to learn at your own pace!)... OR... sing along to the karaoke track (adjusting to the key that works best for your voice!).

Just click the button below, and... start performing!